What is making Aliyah?

We partner with the Jewish Agency for Israel, and other Jewish organizations, to assist Jewish people from the USA with their move to Israel. This is called “making aliyah.” For details, select USA

We assist Jewish immigrants (known as “Olim” in Hebrew) to settle in Israel. For details, select ISRAEL

We partner with Ebenezer Emergency Fund International to raise funds and prayer support to help Jewish people in other nations. For details, select  OTHER NATIONS

We provide humanitarian aid to Holocaust survivors and many others in need in the former Soviet Union (fSU). For details, select  HUMANITARIAN AID

We teach in churches about God’s ongoing purpose for the Jewish people and how we, as Christians, can be involved through prayer, giving and serving. For details, select  TEACHING

We hold action-packed trips—called “Engage”—to Israel and Ukraine for young adults (ages 18-35). For more information, select YOUNG ADULTS

For more information about how you can be involved, select How to Help.