Latest on the Ukraine Crisis

Apr, 22 2014
Independence Square in Kiev

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

The escalating unrest in Ukraine is a great concern for our operations in the former Soviet Union.  The latest report from Vadim, our onsite leader, shares that the current situation has pushed many Jewish families to make aliyah, or at least seriously consider it:

“We have noticed an increased number of Jewish families turning to us for help.  In previous months, our regular statistic was helping 3-5 families monthly.  However, during March we have provided support to over 60 Jewish families (more than 140 persons)."

"Praise the Lord, we have maintained very good relations with the Jewish Agency for Israel throughout the years, and now we work side by side – as friends and co-workers – Christians and Jews together.”

Please bring before the Lord the following needs:

  • That more and more Jewish families would understand the urgency of the situation and be moved to make aliyah.
  • Wisdom and resources for Vadim and the team based in Ukraine.

Please consider giving to this special appeal.  You may designate your giving to Ukraine by using the ‘contact us’ form, emailing us, or calling the National Business Office at 716-681-6300.  Thank you so much for your support!