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Updated: 18 min 49 sec ago

Will Lebanon's economy collapse?

5 hours 49 min ago

With a debt larger than the country's GDP, questions about Lebanese financial stability increase.

Turkish opposition challenges electoral list containing 165-year-old voter

9 hours 16 min ago

"This is not a normal, fair election, in which everyone is in an equal race," said a Turkish parliamentarian.

Report: U.S. will not intervene if IDF attacks Shi'ite militias in Iraq

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 17:29

Iraq's Prime Minister expressed his fear about the possible move and told Secretary Mike Pompeo that if this were to happen, it will have dire and dangerous consequences for the region.

From Nairobi to Manbij: Terror attacks loom large

Wed, 01/16/2019 - 20:32

Extremist groups have not been defeated and the road to a world after ISIS and in which terror has been reduced is still long and difficult.

Iran says it will be ready for new satellite launch in a few months

Wed, 01/16/2019 - 11:58

Iran's bid to launch a satellite failed on Tuesday.

Revolutionary Guards commander warns Israel Iran will retaliate for Syria strikes

Wed, 01/16/2019 - 07:40

IRCG commander Mohammad Ali Jafari said PM Benjamin Netanyahu should not play with the "lion's tail."

Report: American soldiers killed in Islamic State attack in Syria

Wed, 01/16/2019 - 07:26

Amaq, a news site linked to Islamic State, said a suicide attacker with an explosive vest struck an international coalition patrol in the city on Wednesday.

Atomic Chief: 'Iran could enrich uranium up to 20 percent within 4 days'

Tue, 01/15/2019 - 12:40

Salehi did not elaborate on his remark about stockpiles. Iran's reserve of 20 percent enriched uranium was downblended, shipped abroad or turned into fuel plates for a research reactor after deal.

Live: Abbas: We also suffer under the yoke of foreign occupation

Tue, 01/15/2019 - 08:14

In New York, Abbas said the United Nations must provide the Palestinians with an international protection force, he remarked on Monday.

Turkey says it will create Syria buffer zone after Trump call

Tue, 01/15/2019 - 07:05

Mixed messages from Trump-Erdogan discussion continue to leave region wondering what comes next in eastern Syria

Satellite images show complete destruction of Iranian weapons cache

Tue, 01/15/2019 - 06:42

"The accumulation of recent attacks proves that we are determined more than ever to take action against Iran in Syria," said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday.

Evaluating Progress: Saudi Women Informed Of Divorce By Text Message

Tue, 01/15/2019 - 01:59

Riyadh's modernizing reforms belie larger systemic issues.

Iran launched satellite into space, failed: report

Tue, 01/15/2019 - 00:53

The rocket carrying the satellite "failed to reach the required speed in the third stage," according to the country's communications minister.

Saudi teen refugee: Coming to Canada was 'worth the risk'

Mon, 01/14/2019 - 22:23

Relations between Ottawa and Riyadh have been tense after Canada demanded the immediate release of jailed rights activists last year.

Trump administration officials deny making secret overtures to Iran

Mon, 01/14/2019 - 17:53

A top Iranian security official claims Washington tried to establish backchannel for negotiations through Afghan intermediaries.

Peace efforts to end 18 years of war in Afghanistan look in disarray

Mon, 01/14/2019 - 16:50

Confusion over who is speaking to whom and what the roles and goals are

Similarities and Differences Between The EEA & NAFTA

Mon, 01/14/2019 - 09:32

Both have been criticised by its members; many in Europe seeing the disparity for poorer member states

Pompeo: Saudis assured me of accountability for Khashoggi murder

Mon, 01/14/2019 - 09:02

Khashoggi, a longtime royal insider who had become a critic of the crown prince, was killed in October in the kingdom's Istanbul consulate, prompting a global outcry.

Saudi-backed organization denounces countries for 'inciting' women to flee

Mon, 01/14/2019 - 08:49

NSHR head Mufleh al-Qahtani accused unspecified countries and international organizations of pursuing political agendas and "pushing (women) ultimately to be lost."

Iran says taking first steps in designing reactor fuel

Mon, 01/14/2019 - 08:21

Iran's 2015 nuclear accord with world powers caps the level to which it is able to enrich uranium to 3.67 percent purity.