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A Day to Honor the Memory of 23,741 of Israel’s Fallen

Wed, 05/08/2019 - 03:27

Events to commemorate the memories of 23,741 fallen soldiers and civilians began in Israel on Tuesday evening as part of Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism.

According to the Defense Ministry’s Families and Commemoration Department, 56 casualties were added to the count this year, including 40 disabled people who died as a result of their condition.

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The Defense Ministry said it expected more than 1.5 million Israelis to visit military cemeteries across the country on Wednesday.

Memorial Day marks the memories of fallen from the Israel Defense Forces, the Shin Bet and Mossad intelligence services, the Israel Police and the Israel Prisons Service. It also honors the memories of civilians murdered in terrorist attacks.

A one-minute siren sounds at 8 p.m. on the eve of Memorial Day, and a two-minute siren sounds at 11 a.m. on Memorial Day on Wednesday. Flags on public builds are at half-mast, and ceremonies take place across the country, including in 52 military cemeteries and some 50 memorial monuments.

The Defense Ministry has sent teams to cemeteries and ceremonies around the country to hand out hundreds of thousands of water bottles, plant new plants and place more than 20,000 chairs—one at each gravesite. Tens of thousands of memorial candles and flags have also been set in place.

The Defense Ministry describes Memorial Day as arguably the most prominent day on the calendar that promotes national consensus and identification, and reduces divisions. The day is “designed for the whole of Israeli society and not exclusively for bereaved families,” it said.

In 2017, the state constructed an official Memorial Hall of Israel’s Fallen at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem, officially unveiling it during Memorial Day 2017.

The Hall is where the central memorial ceremony will begin on Wednesday following the 11 a.m. siren, and where the memorial candles will be lit. The ceremony will be attended by Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Reuven Rivlin, the IDF Chief of General Staff Lt. Col. Aviv Kochavi and the Acting Israel Police Commissioner Moti Cohen. The ceremony will also be attended by the head of the Mossad, Yossi Cohen, and the head of the Shin Bet, Nadav Argaman, as well as head of the Prisons Service Asher Vaknin.

The Defense Ministry described the Memorial Hall as a place that commemorates all of the fallen since 1860, including all of those who fell in Israel’s wars. It is a place that “allows personal and collective commemoration,” and an expression of the “moral duty to remember them all,” the Ministry stated.

The Ministry added that the central goal of its Families and Commemoration Department is to express respect and recognition held by the state for its fallen, and to provide an ongoing service to support bereaved families.

Bereaved families receive year-round support from Defense Ministry teams, including home visits and continuous communications. Care-givers tend to the needs of the elderly and provide workshops on how to manage household expenses for bereaved parents, widows and widowers.

This year, the Defense Ministry said that 40 care-giving groups were active, helping aging parents, widows, adult orphans, newly bereaved parents and bereaved Druze mothers.

The Ministry said that Memorial Day is represented by three symbols: “Lighting the candles for commemorating memories, placing flower arrangements for emotional expression and placing small national flags with black memorial ribbons tied around them on each grave, as an expression of national honor for the fallen and the participation of state in the sense of loss of bereaved families.”

Rockets Ahead of Yom HaZikaron Highlight Significance of IDF and Burden They Carry

Tue, 05/07/2019 - 09:41

Those who are familiar with Israeli holidays know that this week marks the most intense week of holidays in the State of Israel – and no – it’s not the Jewish High Holidays yet. In the span of just one week, the country memorializes Holocaust survivors and victims, fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism, all followed by the jubilant Israeli Independence Day.    

This year, each of the holidays carries a different weight in the context of the past week’s violence.

Last Thursday, the world said “Never Again” to the indiscriminate murder of 6 million Jews. And yet, the people of Israel are once again under attack – this time ahead of Yom HaZikaron, Israel’s Day of Remembrance for fallen soldiers and victims of terror.

Since Saturday morning, Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists have launched 700 rockets into southern and central Israel, killing four Israelis and leaving numerous injured. Bomb shelters have been opened across Israel and the IDF has responded with hundreds of forceful, targeted attacks against Hamas infrastructure in the Gaza Strip.

Although a ceasefire seemed to be reached by Monday afternoon, Prime Minister Netanyahu warned that the “Gaza campaign is not over” and “We are preparing to continue.” A spokesperson for Hamas similarly said, in response to the prime minister’s statement, that although the recent flare-up in violence had come to an end, the wider conflict would continue.

On Tuesday until Wednesday evening, May 7-8, marks Yom HaZikaron, Israel’s Day of Remembrance for fallen soldiers and victims of terror. In the context of the recent rocket attacks – attacks on the very Israeli sovereignty that IDF soldiers fight for day in and day out, this Yom HaZikaron will be even more meaningful.

“The recent violence has highlighted the great significance and burden that IDF soldiers must carry on their shoulders,” said Dr. John A.I. Grossman, Chairman of the official welfare fund of the IDF, LIBI USA.

“This Yom HaZikaron, we will have in mind the latest four victims of Hamas terror: Moshe Agadi, Moshe Feder, Ziad Alhamamda and Pinchas Menachem Prezuazman, who were all tragically killed in week’s rocket attacks,” said Grossman. “We pray for their families, and for the complete and quick recovery of those injured.”

Following the day of Yom HaZikaron, Israel’s sadness will turn to joy, as Yom HaAtzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day, begins.

“The symbolism of this transition is clear,” noted Grossman. “The soldiers who have given their lives for the State of Israel have allowed for Israeli independence and sovereignty. We understand the great cost of living in the Jewish homeland. Therefore, as much as we celebrate, we must thank and support soldiers who continue to ensure the survival of Israel.”

Grossman posed that “Israel and the IDF have every right to defend itself against the nonstop terrorism on its borders,” adding, “As we memorialized Yom HaShoah, we know exactly what is at stake. No other country would accept constant rockets targeting civilian populations and neither should Israel.”

As IDF soldiers continue to protect Israel and the Jewish people by defending the borders and deterring rocket fire, LIBI USA continues to provide Israel’s soldiers with support, education and assistance to help ease the burden of their service.

“As the week of holidays commence in Israel,” Grossman concluded, “we remember that our freedoms today are inextricably tied with the blood of our ancestors before us, as well as our soldiers who have given their lives to Israel. And finally, we hope that peace will come before the week of holidays next year.”

Written in collaboration with LIBI USA.

A Unique Program Brings the Gift of Music to Senior Citizens

Tue, 05/07/2019 - 09:23

Meet Ruti, a combat medic from the War of Independence whose life is being enriched by a special program that brings her the gift of music.

Responding to Gaza Events, Saudis Tweet in Support of Israel, Against Hamas

Tue, 05/07/2019 - 09:03

The latest round of fighting between Israel and Gaza sparked many reactions from Saudis on Twitter. Noteworthy among these responses were tweets, some by prominent intellectuals and journalists, siding with Israel and expressing hope for its safety and victory, while attacking Hamas and its policy, in particular its firing of rockets. Some wrote that Hamas was acting on orders from Iran, in retaliation for the United States tightening sanctions on the Islamic Republic on May 3. It should be noted that this is not the first time Saudi intellectuals and academics have openly expressed support for Israel and criticized Hamas.

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The following are some of the tweets:

Liberal Saudi author and intellectual Dr. Turki Al-Hamad described the latest flare-up in Gaza as a predictable and ever-repeating scenario, while blaming it on the troubles plaguing Iran and Turkey. He tweeted: “It’s a repeating loop: rockets [are fired] from Gaza into Israel, Israel bombs [Gaza], someone or other mediates, the fighting stops—and the common Palestinian folks pay the price. This is ‘resistance,’ my friend. Iran and Turkey are in trouble, and the Palestinians are paying the price.”

Senior Saudi journalist Muhammad Aal Al-Sheikh, who writes for the Saudi daily Al-Jazirah, tweeted that the firing of rockets from Gaza is carried out on orders from Iran, in retaliation for the tightening of American sanctions: “The Persian ayatollahs have instructed their servants, Hamas, to escalate [the conflict] with Israel, and they obeyed. […] The Persians are tightening the pressure on the U.S. and Israel in retaliation for [U.S. President Donald] Trump’s decision, and the victims are the people of Gaza.”

Saudi intellectual and researcher ’Abd Al-Hamid Al-Hakim, the former director of the Middle East Center for Strategic and Legal Studies in Jeddah, who frequently writes in support of Israel, expressed hope for peace with this country and its people, and called on the region and the world to take responsibility and confront Hamas. He tweeted: “Our hearts are with you. May Allah protect Israel and its people. We will not let the treacherous hand of Iran and its agents in Gaza reach the Israeli people. It’s time to say this out loud: confronting the terror of Hamas is the responsibility of all the countries in the region and of the international community [as a whole], not only of Israel. I say to the Arabs: Do you want these murderers and agents of Iran to rule Jerusalem?!”

The full article can be read on the MEMRI website.

$480 Million to be Transferred From Qatar to PA as Part of Ceasefire Approximately $300 million will go to the P.A., while the rest will go to U.N. programs and electricity services in the West Bank and Gaza.greement

Tue, 05/07/2019 - 08:21

As the ceasefire between Israel and terrorist organizations in Gaza takes effect, Qatar has announced that it would transfer $480 million to the Palestinian Authority and Gaza.

Approximately $300 million will go toward the P.A. health and education budget, and the rest will go to funding United Nations programs and electricity services in the West Bank and Gaza.

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Both P.A. leader Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh thanked Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

“This honorable decision is a continuation of the unwavering Qatari stance that supports the Palestinian people politically and financially, in addition to defending Palestinian rights on international platforms,” wrote Haniyeh.

According to the terms of the truce, which took effect in the middle of the night on Sunday, April 5, Qatar will immediately transfer $30 million to Gaza.

Qatar has often funded Gazan infrastructure. The new infusion of funds will allow Gazans to continue to use electricity for 12 hours a day.

Israel will allow the transfer, despite the P.A.’s ongoing payment of generous salaries to convicted terrorists and their families. Israel has responded to these payments by subtracting equivalent sums from the tax revenues it collects for the P.A.

The P.A., in turn, responded by rejecting all tax revenues, which account for a majority of the P.A. budget.

Pew: US Jews More Likely Than Christians to State That Trump Favors Israel

Tue, 05/07/2019 - 08:14

U.S. Jews are more likely than Christians to say that U.S. President Donald Trump favors Israelis more than the Palestinians, according to a Pew Research poll released on Monday.

Some 42 percent of American Jews say Trump is favoring Israelis more than the Palestinians, while 47 percent of them say he has been striking the right balance between the two.

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Meanwhile, 59 percent of U.S. Christians say Trump has been striking the right balance between the Israelis and Palestinians, while only 26 percent say the president is favoring Israelis more than the Palestinians.

Within the Christian demographic, 62 percent of Protestants say Trump has been striking the right balance between the two groups, while 51 percent of Catholics say it is the same. Seventy-two percent of Evangelicals say the president has struck the right balance.

The Trump administration’s directives include recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in December 2017 and relocating the U.S. embassy there from Tel Aviv five months later; withdrawing from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal in May 2018 and reimposing sanctions lifted under the accord, in addition to enacting added penalties against Tehran; and recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights in March.

White House senior adviser and presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner said last month that the administration will release its highly anticipated Mideast peace plan for the Israelis and Palestinians after Israel forms a new government and after the Islamic holiday of Ramadan, which started on Sunday and continues to June 4.

Report: Israel Provided Tip About Possible Iranian Attack on US Interests in GU.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton said: “The United States is … send[ing] a clear and unmistakable message to the Iranian regime that any attack on United States...

Tue, 05/07/2019 - 08:07

Israel tipped the United States about a possible Iranian plan to “attack U.S. interests in the Gulf” prior to U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton warning Iran on Sunday night with “unrelenting force,” reported Israel’s Channel 13, citing senior Israeli officials.

“The officials said intelligence gathered by Israel, primarily by the Mossad intelligence agency, is understood to be part of the reason for Bolton’s announcement,” according to the outlet, adding that the tip was passed along a few weeks ago during discussions at the White House between delegations led by Bolton and his Israeli counterpart, Meir Ben-Shabbat.

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“It is still unclear to us what the Iranians are trying to do and how they are planning to do it, but it is clear to us that the Iranian temperature is on the rise as a result of the growing U.S. pressure campaign against them, and they are considering retaliating against U.S. interests in the Gulf,” an Israeli official told Channel 13.

In a statement on Sunday evening, Bolton said: “In response to a number of troubling and escalatory indications and warnings, the United States is deploying the USS Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group and a bomber task force to the U.S. Central Command region to send a clear and unmistakable message to the Iranian regime that any attack on United States interests or on those of our allies will be met with unrelenting force.”

He added that “the United States is not seeking war with the Iranian regime, but we are fully prepared to respond to any attack, whether by proxy, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps or regular Iranian forces.”

The White House did not immediately respond to a JNS request for comment.

Memory, Loss and Rebuilding After Rockets Destroy an IDF Synagogue

Tue, 05/07/2019 - 07:57

These past weeks have been an intense period for Israel – not only because of the emergency situation that Israel is currently facing, with hundreds of rockets launched into Israel by the Hamas terror organization, but also with three national holidays this week.

On Yom HaShoah, from the evening of May 1-2, Israel remembered the six million Jews systematically murdered in the Holocaust.

On Yom HaZikaron, from the evening of May 7-8, Israel will mourn the loss of soldiers that have been injured, wounded and killed.

The following evening, from May 8-9, the country will turn sadness into a celebration of the building of the State on Yom HaAtzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day.

Over the past week, because of the current security situation and holidays, the entire State of Israel has felt the significance of each of these days experientially – that of memory, loss and rebuilding.

Likewise, an incident at the Kissufim IDF base in southern Israel has shed further light onto these symbolic times.                                                                                

In addition to the rockets that have fallen in Israel’s southern communities, a Hamas-fired rocket recently hit an IDF zone, destroying a military synagogue built by Yahad-United for Israel’s Soldiers, the only Israeli government-sanctioned organization tasked with ensuring soldier welfare.

IDF synagogue hit by rocket (Photo courtesy Yahad)

The rocket that hit the on-base synagogue for soldiers adjacent to the Gaza Strip, destroyed something very precious – a Torah scroll donated through the Friends of the IDF (FIDF) in memory of a Holocaust survivor from New York.

Damaged Torah scroll (Photo courtesy Yahad)

This tragic loss is quite symbolic.

Memory, symbolized by Yom HaShoah, is the Torah Scroll.

Loss, symbolized by Yom HaZikaron, is the current security situation of the past two days in which hundreds of missiles and rockets have left many Israelis injured and four dead.

Rebuilding of life, symbolized by Yom HaAtzmaut, is our task as Yahad-United for Israel’s Soldiers.

After Yom HaShoah and Yom HaZikaron, we understand that we can only celebrate Yom HaAtzmaut because of IDF soldiers that work day and night to destroy terrorist tunnels, control violent riots, stop rocket launchers and prevent burning kites and explosive balloons from entering Israeli soil.

Damaged Torah Scroll (Photo courtesy Yahad)

In order to rebuild, we connect donors from all over the world to soldiers, including through the adopt-a-combat-battalion program,  in order to increase the spirit of the IDF, showing them that they are never alone. That which is destroyed will be rebuilt unconditionally, including the destroyed synagogue.

Toward these ends, this week, when most of the roads were closed around Gaza, Yahad was there with the soldiers, providing drinks and candy. Every time a unit is called to the border or the field, Yahad follows them with mobile trucks to provide for their needs.

Fortunately, many people in Israel and around the world have also come together wanting to support these very soldiers.

While the IDF is in charge of providing food for the soldiers, providing for the spirit of the IDF is the responsibility of Yahad-United for Israel’s Soldiers. We would like to remind those who would like to help that the best way to support soldiers is through Yahad, the only organization that can legally offer gifts to IDF soldiers

Under Israeli law, all donations – money or otherwise – must go through Yahad or other pre-approved organizations that fundraise for Yahad, including FIDF, American Friends of LIBI and other Yahad branches around the world including in Mexico, Canada, France and the UK. Other independent organizations that arrange funds and gifts in the name of IDF soldiers do not operate under IDF regulation and unfortunately waste the efforts, money and time of well-meaning supporters.

Through Yahad, every dollar and shekel goes directly to the IDF in order to help soldiers in the areas they need most, often times, supporting lone soldiers with housing and a flight to their home country during their service in the IDF. Additionally, for combat soldiers and lone soldiers alike, Yahad provides education and morale-boosting packages and services checked and approved by the IDF. Working within this system is the best and safest way to serve the IDF and the people of Israel.

Torah scroll damaged by rocket (Photo courtesy Yahad)

Next week, Yahad will be bringing three big vans full of packages to the north, south and center of Israel with the purpose of making the soldiers feel good. In the case that an incursion is needed, Yahad will be ready with volunteers to show the soldiers support and bring anything soldiers may need, at any time, in order to raise morale.

Uniting and supporting Israel’s troops is as important today as it is every single day. At the same time, I speak openly when I say that a potential war is brewing and we must be fully prepared as well as praying for peace. And as we near Israel’s Day of Independence, we remember those who gave their lives for the state of Israel and Jewish people all over the world, and thank the supporters of the IDF.

Brigadier General (res.) Yehiel Gozal is the CEO of “Yahad” – United for Israel’s soldiers,  Chairman of the “Paratroops Heritage Association” in Israel. and served in the IDF for 27 years. Despite injuries sustained in Southern Lebanon, he continued to fight and was honored with a citation for his bravery under fire. His last duty was Chief of the Southern Command Staff.


Tue, 05/07/2019 - 07:05

Throughout the Bible, horses are mentioned as animals of war. Here, King Shlomo is emphasizing an important lesson that is no less true today than it was when he said it centuries ago: Man prepares as much as possible, but ultimately, all victory and success comes only from Hashem.

Terrorists Target Civilians, Israel Targets Terrorists

Tue, 05/07/2019 - 06:12

While Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad target Israeli families, homes, and schools, Israel targets the Hamas and PIJ terror infrastructure. An IDF video makes this perfectly clear.

Report: Gazan Baby’s Death Blamed on Israel Actually Result of Islamic Jihad Rocket

Tue, 05/07/2019 - 06:04

The routinely anti-Israel bias reporting was punctuated by reports that a 14-month old baby and her pregnant aunt were killed by IDF strikes but there are reports that the Palestinian Islamic Jihad has admitted the deaths were a result of one of their rockets malfunctioning and landing inside Gaza.

Approximately 700 rockets were fired into Israel from Gaza by Palestinian Islamic Jihad backed by Iran and Hamas on Saturday and Sunday. Four Israelis were killed by rockets and at least ten others were treated for shrapnel wounds. Dozens more were treated for shell-shock. Israel responded by hitting approximately 320 military targets in Gaza. 29 Gazans were killed in IDF strikes, many of them declared as terrorists by Gazan sources.

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On Saturday evening, the Hamas-run Gaza health ministry reported that a 14-month-old Palestinian child, Saba Mahmoud Hamdan Abu Arar, had been killed along with her aunt, Falastin Saleh Abu Arar, when an Israeli airstrike hit their house in Gaza City. The IDF launched an investigation and announced their conclusions that a rocket launched from inside Gaza had caused the deaths.

Yesterday, Palestinian weapons caused the tragic death of a mother in Gaza and her baby. Hamas blamed Israel. Journalists amplified the lie. Our assessment indicates that the incident had nothing to do with IDF strikes.

— Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) May 5, 2019

Despite the IDF explanation, international media placed blame for the deaths on Israel.

“A leak from the heroes of the [Islamic Jihad’s] Sarayat al-Quds (Jerusalem Brigades) on the circumstances of the death of the baby Saba Abu ‘Arar indicates that a rocket of the resistance exploded inside the family’s home due to a technical failure, and prematurely exploded,”stated a news item by al-Risala News, a service associated with Hamas. The report was repeated on the Hamas Telegram channel. Both reports were quickly removed. “There is a claim that the technical failure was caused by low-grade explosives in the rocket,” it added. “There is no doubt that the baby’s death has nothing to do with the enemy’s [Israel’s] planes.”

This account was removed soon after publication. TPS news service interviewed a local resident who reported seeing a large crater inside the house after the incident.A source in Gaza told TPS that Islamic Jihad representatives met with the Abu ‘Arar family on Sunday morning and offered them full compensation and a registry of the baby as a “Shahid” entitled to long-term support in exchange for their silence.

Couple Weds in Bomb Shelter While Rockets Fall

Tue, 05/07/2019 - 02:33

Rabbi Yehuda Deri, Beersheba’s Chief Rabbi, ran to the shelter when the red alert sirens went off on Sunday, but he was surprised to find a young couple and all of the guests waiting for him to officiate at their wedding.

The rabbi did not take the request lightly. The bride and groom were Ashkenazi Jews who traditionally do not marry during the period of the counting of the Omer that extends from Passover until the holiday of Shavuot, which is traditionally a somber period of time not given to festivities. The exception is on Rosh Chodesh (the new month) which is considered a semi-festival. Since Sunday was the day marking the end of the month of Nisan and the beginning of the month of Iyar, the couple took the opportunity to marry. If the marriage did not take place before sunset, the wedding would have to be delayed for several weeks.

The rabbi normally followed the Sephardi custom of not holding weddings in the afternoon but agreed to deviate from his custom due to the special circumstances.

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The mother of the bride told the rabbi that her daughter was born during the Gulf War while Saddam Hussein fired Scud Missiles at Israel.

Rabbi Deri blessed the couple with a “special life” together and to “establish a faithful house in Israel with Torah and mitzvoth (commandments).”

One of the worshippers added, “And the children will be born without rockets.”

The video clip of the extraordinary wedding was posted to Twitter by Yishai Kohen, a political writer for the Haredi news service Kikar Shabbat, and has garnered over 100,000 views.

Jeff Kiser from the U.S. commented:

I do not understnd how any nation can think they are able to prevail agnst nation so strong they celebrate life, even in shelters as missiles fly overhead. So long as that spiritual strength remains, the nation will be unassailable-Love of life will always overcome cults of death

— Jeff Kiser (@1962Kiser) May 5, 2019

The Iranian Mullahs are Nervous

Tue, 05/07/2019 - 02:00

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s appearance over the weekend on CBS’ Face the Nation showed him trying to convince someone — his minders at home, perhaps — that Iran is a moderate, trustworthy, terror-fighting country.

The designation of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terror organization and the end of oil waivers, he said, would “show the Iranian people that the U.S. is not worthy of being a negotiating partner,” and the Trump administration as “squeezing the Iranian people, not the government.”

He added, “When the Iranian people are pressured, they do not respond with submission, they respond with resistance. They want us to represent them.”

That last one is a dead giveaway that the mullahs are nervous.

Substantial post-Iran deal oil revenues (plus the hefty sum paid by the Obama administration) allowed the Iranian government to pursue a variety of priorities, all of them military and most of them outside the country. Domestic priorities have been generally non-existent and the Iranian people know it.

Since December 2017, they have been rising up across the country in protest of the government’s external spending and lack of attention at home. That month, according to the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, 33 percent of Iranians lived below the poverty line, and the gap between the rich and poor was deepening.

Early protests were registered in 70 towns and cities, with at least 22 people killed and 3,700 arrestedin the first three weeks. Protesters chanted, “Reza Shah, bless your soul,” and called for Khamenei to step down, shouting, “Khamenei, shame on you, leave the country alone.”

There were strikes of shopkeepers, whole bazaars in Tehran, Kermanshah, Arak and Tabriz. Economic protests emerged in Karaj, Qeshm, Bandar Abbas, and Mashhad and more. There were strikes by teachers, factory workers, university students, farmers, railway workers, and retirees. Truckers — a mainstay of the rebellion — have been on a rolling series of strikes in various locations for more than a year. They have so irritated the government that the Iranian judiciary announced that truckers face the possibility of the death penalty.

On the political side, workers in Ahvaz marked the 25th day of strikes with the chant, “Palestine and Syria are not our problem.” “Not for Gaza, not for Syria, my life only for Iran.”

Through the summer of 2018, Iranians in various cities protested a shortage of clean drinking water. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s video message to the Iranian people offering Israeli water technology as a gift was vehemently rejected by the Iranian government, but nearly 100,000 Iranians joined the Israeli government’s Farsi-language Telegram account within 24 hours of the video going live.

The recent floods across Iran killed  at least 80 people, in part because of the long-term water mismanagement Netanyahu addressed. The inability of the government to respond to the emergency and the humanitarian disaster it spawned has sparked new, angrier protests. The government finally resorted to importing Iraqi Shiite militias to work in the flooded areas.

There is also “White Wednesday,” the women’s protest against laws mandating the wearing of hijab. Shaparak Shajarizadeh, the iconic woman who stood on a utility box and waved her scarf, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. But women across the country have carried on, removing their headscarves and dancing in public — something also forbidden to women. They are supported by husbands, brothers, and fathers. They, too, face arrest and imprisonment.

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Nasrin Sotoudeh, a lawyer who defended White Wednesday women in court, has been sentenced to 38 years in prison and 148 lashes.

By the end of 2018, Amnesty International said Iran had arrested more than 7,000 people.

President Trump has been clear that his goal — the American government’s goal — is to drive down Iran’s oil and other revenues to create increasingly stark choices for the Islamic Republic.

At one time that would have meant choosing between Syria and Russian air defenses, or between Hezbollah and Yemen. But brave Iranian people are now forcing the government to consider controlling flood waters, repairing vast civilian damage from the floods, educating people, paving roads, controlling pollution, caring for the sick and elderly, and providing agricultural assistance in a country that should be — but isn’t — wealthy and tremendously productive.

Zarif told the truth in exactly one regard. “When the Iranian people are pressured, they do not respond with submission, they respond with resistance.”

Reprinted with author’s permission from Jewish Policy Center

International Christian Embassy Donates Bomb Shelters, Protective Vests

Tue, 05/07/2019 - 01:12

After Israel absorbed as many as 700 rockets fired from the Gaza Strip over the weekend, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) sent a delegation to the western Negev region on Monday to assess the updated security needs of local Israeli communities and how best to help them prepare for any future escalations.

The Christian Embassy has already donated more than 75 portable bomb shelters to the Gaza periphery towns and villages. On Monday, the ICEJ ordered another three more bomb shelters for the region.

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The ICEJ also is donating 20 protective vests for Yatar volunteers from the Negev who risk their lives working alongside the regular security forces to keep civilians safe during times of tension.

Moreover, the ICEJ delegation viewed all-terrain firefighting equipment, as well as brand-new specially  designed ATV security vehicles that Christians have recently donated to Israeli communities through ICEJ.

“Hopefully, the ceasefire reached last night will hold, but the terror militias in Gaza are notoriously unpredictable and untrustworthy,” said ICEJ president Jürgen Bühler. “However, our team’s visit today has confirmed once more that our humanitarian investment in these vulnerable Israeli communities is comforting families and saving lives.”

Elan Isaacson, chief security officer for the Eshkol Region, told the ICEJ team that “after 18 years of experience and all the bomb shelters groups like you have placed around the region, the number of people killed and injured from the Gaza rockets is substantially down.”

Tamir Idan, mayor of the Sedot Negev Regional Council, also hosted the ICEJ team in Kibbutz Alumim before heading off to a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the latest escalation of rocket fire from Gaza.

A ceasefire was agreed upon early Monday morning. Israel reportedly responded throughout the barrage by striking Hamas observation posts, warehouses and weapons’ facilities in Gaza.

Reports from Gaza indicate that 23 Gazans were killed and 60 wounded in the Israeli airstrikes.

European Elections: “The Battle for Europe has Begun”

Tue, 05/07/2019 - 01:00

“We are fighting for Europe to remain European, with European values….” — Tomio Okamura, President, Czech Freedom and Direct Democracy party (SPD) and Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies.

“My friends, we are gathered here today to stand up for our freedom and our sovereignty. The most precious things we have. Because without a strong nation state, there is no democracy. And without democracy there are no liberties…. My friends, our countries are strong nations. Based on a Jewish-Christian and humanistic civilization. That should never change. So, we want to control our own borders again. We do not want mass immigration. And we do not want to be invaded by a tyrannical ideology.” — Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV).

“However, my friends, it isn’t easy to leave the EU, as the British have found out. Despite a majority voting for Brexit, the establishment and the EU have colluded to stop us.” — Janice Atkinson, British MEP, who is also Vice Chair of the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) political group in the European Parliament.

“Immigration must be stopped, and the Islamist ideology must be eradicated…. Islamization and globalism are new totalitarianisms that threaten European countries.” — Marine Le Pen, Prague Press Conference.

The leaders of several European nationalist parties campaigned in Prague on April 25, ahead of the European Parliament elections set for May 23-26.

The rally was sponsored by the Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom (MENF), a pan-European alliance of nine nationalist parties dedicated to stopping mass migration and recovering national sovereignty from the European Union.

The Prague event was organized by the president of the Czech Freedom and Direct Democracy Party (SPD), Tomio Okamura, who was joined by Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) leader Geert Wilders, French National Rally (RN) leader Marine Le Pen, the President of Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom (MENF), Gerolf Annemans, and British MEP Janice Atkinson, who is also Vice Chair of the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) political group in the European Parliament. Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, leader of the anti-mass migration League party, sent a video message. They spoke to a crowd in Prague’s downtown Wenceslas Square. Following are some excerpts of the keynote speeches:

Tomio Okamura, President, Freedom and Direct Democracy party (SPD) and Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies:

“Dear friends, dear guests, dear Marine, dear Geert, dear colleagues, I warmly welcome you here in the historical center of the Czech capital. We stand here symbolically at the statue of St. Wenceslas. Under the banner of St. Wenceslas, our ancestors fought more than a thousand years of hard struggle for the freedom and sovereignty of the Czech crown countries….

“Today, Europeans are once again fighting for their survival. It is not just the migration of colonists from Africa and the Arab countries that is changing the face of Western Europe. It is also the growing assault from Brussels on the sovereignty of Europe’s nation states in the name of a multicultural superstate.

“For those who downplay this warning, I would like to mention a quote from the former President of the European Union, Herman Von Rompuy: ‘The time of the homogenous nation-state is over. Each European country has to be open for different cultures.’

“In contemporary Europe, the Brussels aristocracy has no place for nations, and no place for democracy either. The former President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, has been quoted as saying: ‘It is not the EU’s philosophy that the crowd can decide its destiny.’

“And for those who are still not sure about Europe’s ambitions, German Deputy Foreign Minister Michael Roth has called for replacing the principle of unanimity in EU decision-making with qualified majority voting.

“Dear Citizens, the mass immigration of millions of Africans and Muslims to Europe is no coincidence — it is a targeted liquidation of traditional European nation states, as well as the targeted destruction of traditional European values — hence the concept of the traditional family is being liquidated, and patriotism becomes a rude word, because these values ​​are the biggest obstacle to the demolition of nation states.

“It is up to us to decide whether we give up all that our ancestors have sacrificed their lives for, whether we will savor their memory, or defend their heritage….

“I say clearly that the current EU must end! I remind you that at present, European Union directives and regulations outrank the laws of the EU’s member states….

“The European Parliament is the only place where we can change Europe. Come to the polls! Together across Europe we advocate a return to the original model of European cooperation, without regulation from Brussels, when sovereign nation states had a common market and free movement of citizens of European nations. And each state was at the same time a sovereign in its territory, adopting its own laws and, if necessary, protecting its borders.

“We are fighting for Europe to remain European, with European values….

“Dear citizens, dear friends, we say a clear ‘NO’ to further restrictions on the rights of citizens, including the right to own a gun. NO acceptance of Euro currency by the Czech Republic. NO transferring further power from state to EU….

“We are not alone. National patriotic parties are on the rise all over Europe, promoting freedom, democracy and the sovereignty of their peoples.

“We are not alone and together we have a tremendous historic opportunity to win and change the European Union from the Brussels dictatorship to the Union of Free European States, which cooperate on the basis of mutual equality and mutual benefit.

“These elections, if we want, can be a real referendum on the European Union.”

Geert Wilders, MP and Chairman, Party for Freedom:

“My friends, we are gathered here today to stand up for our freedom and our sovereignty. The most precious things we have. Because without a strong nation state, there is no democracy. And without democracy there are no liberties.

“Today, we are fighting for our existence. And the biggest threats to our survival and our freedom are the European Union, mass immigration and the Islamic ideology of submission and violence.

“First, let’s talk about the European Union. An undemocratic superstate. It is forcing its commands on the peoples of Europe. It is trying to take away our national sovereignty! And we want to be sovereign, don’t we?

“The European Union is attempting to erase our nation states. But we say; no more! Let’s say it loud and clear: no more! Our nations are shaped by their own history, culture, language and identity and therefore they are impossible to erase!

“My friends, our countries are strong nations. Based on a Jewish-Christian and humanistic civilization. That should never change.

“So, we want to control our own borders again. We do not want mass immigration. And we do not want to be invaded by a tyrannical ideology.

“You Czechs are — as a matter of fact — an example to us all. Because you are opposing the EU asylum policy. You are opposing the Islamization of Europe. You say: Ne, Nikdy [No, not ever]. Your resistance inspires us!

“Let me tell you something about my country, the Netherlands. A few weeks ago, a jihadi attack took place in one of our major cities, Utrecht. Four innocent people were killed in broad daylight in a tram by a jihadist. And in the three largest cities in the Netherlands, the majority of people under the age of 25 are non-Western immigrants. Mostly Islamic. Our people are already a stranger in their own town and country. The Netherlands is given away by the elites. On a silver platter. In many western European countries, it is just like that or even worse.

“The European Union has been pampering Islam for decades now. But Islam is a medieval cult that denies freedom to others. So why should we grant Islam any liberties? We should not, we should stop Islam. By depriving Islam of the means to destroy our identity, we are not violating freedom; we are preserving our identity and guaranteeing freedom.

“As we have seen, the free world has been the victim of many terror attacks in the last few years. From New York, Madrid, Paris, Brussels and Nice to Barcelona, Manchester, Berlin, Stockholm and Marseille innocent people were murdered by Islamic inspired terrorists, that hate us and cherish death more than life. And a few days ago, innocent people died on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka, where Christians in churches and westerners in hotels were attacked and brutally slaughtered. So, Islamization comes with a very high price. One we are not willing to pay.

“Freedom obviously also has a price and we must be prepared to pay it: a choice has to be made. The choice between Islam and freedom. There is no middle way. Because nothing is more precious than liberty and freedom.

“Defending our freedom, defending our way of life, requires all of us to be vigilant, courageous and audacious. It requires all of us to raise our voice. To raise our voice against the enemies of freedom. Against the tyranny of Islamization. Against everyone who tries to silence us!

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“The European Union and many governments facilitate Islam and Islamic immigration. Why are they facilitating a totalitarian ideology? Why are they accommodating an intolerant dogma? It is as if they have surrendered. It is as if they have capitulated. But not on behalf of the people. Not on behalf of you.

“We will never apologize for being free men. We will never surrender. We stand on the shoulders of giants. And there is no stronger power than the force of free men fighting for the great cause of liberty. Because freedom is the birthright of all men. And Islam and freedom are incompatible.

“Unless there are radical changes to the present policies towards migration, over 30% of Sweden will be Islamic by the year 2050. And almost 20% in Germany and France. And it will only get worse in the next decades, because the population of Africa is exploding. According to the United Nations, the population of Africa will grow from one billion people to 4 billion Africans by the end of this century. Many of them will want to come to Europe. Many of them will come from Islamic countries. My friends, Europe is on the brink of cultural suicide.

“The European Union will never defend our national interest and our freedom. So, we need strong nation states. And we need brave leaders who care about the freedom and security of their own people. Who are not afraid to speak the truth about the dangers of mass immigration.

“That is why it is so important to have a huge group of political allies working together in the next European elections. That’s why it is so important that brave leaders as Marine Le Pen and Matteo Salvini have our support.

“And that’s why it is so important to have one of the bravest politicians of all Europe on our side, a hero who is not afraid to speak the truth about the EU and Islam: Tomio Okamura!

“My friends, we are the patriots! And we will win! Long live the Czech Republic! Svoboda! Thank you.”

Gerolf Annemans, President, Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom (MENF):

“I stand like all of you on this central spot of the continent, not only on the crossroads of Europe, but also and more than ever we stand at the crossroads of European history.

“The European Union has become an institution that crushes the peoples of member states because the big bosses of the European Union want to put their organization to become the one and only superstate on the continent.

“Our proud nations will become powerless provinces if we let this happen. What this all means for the future of our children can be seen in the way the European Union put mass migration in motion on the continent.

“Under EU rules, mass migration became a historic icon of wild migration. We have to resist this chaos. We are the resistance. Our political family has the image of Matteo Salvini, who showed as Italian minister that to reverse migration you need one thing and one thing only, the political will to do so. Nothing more, but unfortunately, these days, nothing less.

“Putting this political will into the center of politics is our goal.

“I ask you, did the brave Czech people fight for their freedom to become oppressed by disappearing in the European Union? Did we, did you fight the USSR to get a similar threat in return? Tell us, yes or no?

“No, of course. We fought, you fought for freedom. We stand for freedom. And in this historical election of May 2019 the battle for our freedom will be decisive.

“We are the resistance. Matteo Salvini, Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, my party president Tom Van Grieken of the Flemish party Vlaams Belang, and all the others, we are proud to have you and Tomio as strong allies in Central Europe of what will become a force for change in Europe.

“For our homeland and for our freedom, let us join forces and let us stand strong. No matter how strong our opponents could be, we will be stronger because we have the strength of our conviction, and we are the hope that the people of Europe have in us.

“Long live the Europe of nations. Long live the Europe of freedom.”

Janice Atkinson, British MEP and Vice President, Europe of Nations and Freedom:

“My message to the Czechs and for the citizens of the EU is to vote for the parties that will take you out of the EU. It is the evil empire. Vote for the parties that will tear down the EU state, so that power is returned to the nations of Europe and freedom.

“The EU is the dictatorship of the unelected, the failed politicians of their own nations, as they suck the lifeblood of democracy out of our countries. These unelected dictators have imposed mass uncontrolled immigration on our countries. They have failed to secure our external borders. They have failed to stop migrants arriving by foot, by boats and via people smugglers.

“The Schengen system allows them to walk freely, to live and work where they choose — even though it is not what we choose. They have unleashed terror on our streets. They have the rape and sexual assault of women on their hands. They have Europe’s blood on their hands.

“They have changed our cities and our streets and towns so that they are unrecognizable, and we are foreigners in our own lands. They encourage radical Islam, which has brought into our lives Sharia law, female genital mutilation, child marriage and medieval clothing such as the burka. Enough. No more!

“Do not accept that this is Europe’s fate. It is reversible and can be stopped. If you value your freedoms, your way of life, your rule of law, your culture and heritage, the EU has to be stopped. The only way to do this is to vote for Tomio Okamura and his party, the SPD. Tomio, together with my colleagues, Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen and Matteo Salvini can change the course of Europe.

“The SPD will also give you the freedom for Czexit, a referendum on whether you want to stay in the EU. I hope you follow the British and vote to leave. However, my friends, it isn’t easy to leave the EU, as the British have found out. Despite a majority voting for Brexit, the establishment and the EU have colluded to stop us. And that’s the trouble. We have elected MEPs and MPs who have given control of our lives and our countries and our day to day life and our future to the people who do not believe in the nation state, sovereignty and control over our own laws.

“In these EU elections, you have the change to save the Czech Republic and to save Europe. Do you want to be robbed by unelected bureaucrats such as Jean-Claude Juncker, Frans Timmermans or Donald Tusk? No!

“My friends, we are at a tipping point in Europe. You can save our continent.”

Marine Le Pen, President, National Rally:

“The battle for Europe has begun. In these elections, the supporters of globalism stand against supporters of the nation state. The globalists against the localists.

“European federalists support total deregulation, the complete abolition of borders, the free movement of migration across the planet and the weakening of nation states for the benefit of oligarchs, civil servants and experts. On the other hand, there are us patriots from all across Europe.

“We have chosen our nations, nations whose diversity is the richness of Europe. They must remain themselves and cooperate freely with each other….

“We do not want to seal the borders, but we want to put the doors back to our home….

“My country offers a sad example of migratory submersion. If you are not careful, it will be your future. Whole neighborhoods have become non-French areas!….

“The democratic push of the patriots in all the countries of Europe will make it possible to recast the European framework….

“Today, the European Union does not have the capacity to send tanks on the streets or to fire on the crowd… Yet the goal is the same: to reduce our political, legal, and national identity — our capacities of resistance….

“We, the French and the Czechs, will be at the rendezvous of history on May 26! Long live the Czech people! Long live the French people! Long live the Europe of sovereign nations!”

During a press conference, Le Pen added:

“What we see here, before our eyes, is the emergence of a new European harmony that sees the national parties coming together to offer 500 million Europeans a new framework of cooperation, a new project and a new momentum for the future.

“Immigration must be stopped, and the Islamist ideology must be eradicated…. Islamization and globalism are new totalitarianisms that threaten European countries.”

In a video broadcast at the Prague event, Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said:

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am sending a greeting to my friend Tomio Okamura and the Czech friends at the SPD. I hope, and in fact I’m sure that after May 26, after the European elections, we will finally be working together in a new Europe that defends borders and our children against immigration and Islamic extremism, which must be stopped.”

Salvini is trying to unite nationalist parties scattered across the 28-nation European Union to join forces in a new political alliance. On April 8, Salvini was joined in Milan by representatives of Germany’s Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, the Danish People’s Party and the Finns Party, to launch a new alliance called “Towards a Common Sense Europe.” Salvini hopes that the new bloc will emerge as the largest in the 751-member parliament after the elections in May.

Reprinted with author’s permission from Gatestone Institute

US Anti-Semitism Envoy: America May Review Ties with Nations Deemed Anti-Israel

Tue, 05/07/2019 - 00:52

The United States may review its relations with nations deemed anti-Israel, according to U.S. Special Envoy for Monitoring and Combating Anti-Semitism Elan Carr.

“The United States is willing to review its relationship with any country, and certainly anti-Semitism on the part of a country with whom we have relations is a deep concern,” he told Reuters in Israel.

“I will be raising that issue in bilateral meetings that I am undertaking all over the world,” he said. “That is something we are going to have frank and candid conversations about behind closed doors.”

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Carr declined to call out certain countries or leaders, in addition to specifying what course of action the Trump administration might take.

“I obviously can’t comment on diplomatic tools that we might bring to bear,” he said. “Each country is a different diplomatic challenge, a different situation, number one. And number two, if I started disclosing what we might do it would be less effective.”

The administration, including U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the annual AIPAC Policy Conference in March, said that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism.

He added that it “certainly breaks new ground … by making clear that something that a lot of us who are involved in the Jewish world and a lot of us who are proponents of a strong U.S.-Israel relationship have known for quite some time, and that is that one of the chief flavors of anti-Semitism in the world today is the flavor that conceals itself under anti-Zionism.”

US Sends Aircraft Strike Group to Gulf in Response to Threats Coming Out of Iran

Tue, 05/07/2019 - 00:39

The United States is sending an aircraft strike group to the Middle East amid “troubling and escalatory indications and warnings” from Iran.

“In response to a number of troubling and escalatory indications and warnings, the United States is deploying the USS Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group and a bomber task force to the U.S. Central Command region to send a clear and unmistakable message to the Iranian regime that any attack on United States interests or on those of our allies will be met with unrelenting force,” said U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton on Sunday evening.”

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He added that “the United States is not seeking war with the Iranian regime, but we are fully prepared to respond to any attack, whether by proxy, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps or regular Iranian forces.”

The move is part of the Trump administration’s maximum pressure campaign against Iran that has included reimposing sanctions lifted under the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, which America withdrew from last May, in addition to enacting fresh sanctions against Tehran. A new wave of economic penalties is expected to be announced this week.

Last month, the administration designated Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist group.

Declare War on Russia or Shut Up

Tue, 05/07/2019 - 00:00

The Mueller Report has come and gone leaving behind neither collusion nor obstruction. But in the time that has passed, the Democrats have shown that they won’t give up their pet conspiracy theory.

The post-Mueller efforts of House Democrats to interest the public in scandals about White House security clearances and Trump’s tax returns failed miserably because they lacked the drama, the unfolding layers of conspiracies, and the delegitimization of the 2016 election that Russiagate offers.

After Attorney General Barr’s summary of the Mueller Report, the Democrat media held out hope that the full report would prove collusion. When it failed to do that, House Democrats have promised to hold as many hearings as it takes until even CNN stops inviting Rep. Adam Schiff to snack in its green rooms.

Conspiracy theories don’t just go away. You can’t prove a negative. There’s no factual way to conclusively show that President Trump wasn’t secretly elected by Moscow.

Every time you disprove a conspiracy theory, another layer of conspiracies is discovered underneath. When Barr summed up the Mueller Report, the theorists retreated to the ‘real’ report. When the report was released, they retreated to the redactions and to secret referrals for prosecution. If Mueller were to tell them they’re wrong, it would be proof that the Russians have a tape of him in a Moscow hotel room.

Conspiracy theories can’t be disproven. You can only humiliate and discredit the conspiracy theorists.

The details of the Russiagate conspiracy theory, that some combination of Russian Facebook trolling, most of which took place after the election and targeted black people, and the hacking of the emails of Hillary’s campaign chair, whose contents no one outside the media and political activists cared about, somehow swung the election, are gibberish. But the facts don’t matter in the paranoid style of politics.

Hillary Clinton, whose people invented the Russia conspiracy theory and used it to convince Obama officials to spy on Trump allies and staffers, compared it to 9/11. Other Democrats and media outlets like the Washington Post and the New York Times compared it to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor.

“This was an act of war, in my view,” Senator Richard Blumenthal said. Senator Tim Kaine also thought it was an act of war. Senator Ben Cardin said that the election conspiracy amounts to an “act of war”. Rep. Steven Cohen also agreed that it was an act of war.

An “undeclared, but very real, ‘war’ has already come to the United States,” Senator Chris Coons claimed.

If they really believe that Facebook trolling is an act of war, then they should declare war on Russia.

President Trump can’t declare war. Only Congress can do that. President Trump should ask Democrats to put up or shut up with a declaration of war. If they truly believe in their conspiracy theories, if they really think that what happened was as bad as 9/11 or Pearl Harbor, that it was, in their own words, an “act of war”, they should have no problem voting unanimously for a declaration of war against Russia.

Democrats began raving about the need to mobilize for a Green New Deal, as if it were WW2, but when they were given the opportunity to vote on the Green New Deal, they all voted against it.

Russiagate is even bigger than banning cows and planes to save the planet from flying cow flatulence.

Democrats keep claiming that the Facebook trolling, which was as bad as 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, is an act of war. Yet they seem reluctant to actually do anything to Russia. Instead they want to fight Russia until the last surviving Trump family member and associate. They should have the opportunity to vote on a Russia war resolution. And then be forced to explain why they voted against their own rhetoric.

If they truly believe that what happened was an act of war, why won’t they defend America? If they don’t believe it, then they’ve spent the past few years lying in order to bring down a president.

In a crowded field of 2020 candidates, not a single one has promised to go to war with Russia.

“A hostile foreign government attacked our 2016 election to help Donald Trump,” Senator Elizabeth Warren claimed. She whined that Trump is not “responding with strength” to Putin, but then rebuked him for a proposed arms race with Russia. Instead, she wants to cut the military and work with the Europeans to sanction Russia. Even though that’s what President Trump has already been doing.

“We’re all clear that Russia attacked our country during the 2016 election and that they are continuing to attack us today,” Senator Kamala Harris declared. Her proposed response to that is to “make sure that the American public recognizes who is trying to sow hate and division among us”.

They’re called Senate Democrats.

If Senator Harris really believes that Russia attacked us, her solution would be more robust than a speech. Instead, Harris and other Democrats are using Neo-McCarthyism to sow division and hate.

When President Trump responded to Russian arms accord cheating by pulling out of the fake INF Treaty, Harris wailed that Trump needed to go back and negotiate with the Russians.

“This is a Paul Revere moment,” Senator Cory Booker speechified two years ago. “The Russians are coming, what are we going to do about it?”

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Apparently, nothing. Two years later, Revere is still snoozing on his horse in the barn.

“We were attacked. We know who did it,” Senator Spartacus tweeted last year. “The attacks from Russia will continue unless met with strength.”

How does he propose to do that? His Senate campaign foreign policy page doesn’t even mention Russia. The Paul Revere moment is so urgent that he couldn’t even find the time to write up a policy position.

President Trump can offer Booker, Harris, Warren and all the rest the opportunity to meet Russia with “strength”. All that House and Senate Democrats have to do is put forward a joint war resolution.

Except that the Democrats never seem to want to do anything about Russia over this act of war.

The solution that House and Senate Democrats keep proposing is holding more hearings about Trump. That and censoring social media so that no one who disagrees with the media can ever be heard again.

Is that their idea of “strength”?

Rep. Eric Swalwell commemorated September 11 with an editorial comparing Russian Facebook trolling to 9/11. “We can still show our enemies that we will stand together in the face of aggression. We can still put country ahead of party. We can still create an independent, bipartisan commission,” he vowed.

The California Democrat was obviously echoing Churchill’s stirring words, “We shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall create an independent bipartisan commission in France. We shall create an independent bipartisan commission on the seas and oceans. We shall create an independent bipartisan commission on the beaches whatever the cost may be, we shall create an independent bipartisan commission on the landing grounds, and another one in the fields, and even the streets.”

Swalwell suggested nuking gun owners, but he wants to fight Russian aggression with a commission?

Even though Swalwell is running on “Russia, Russia, Russia”, he cares so much about Russia that the one word his House Foreign Affairs and Defense page never even mentions is… “Russia”.

Democrats keep invoking wartime emergencies to justify subversion of civil liberties at home, but they’re laughably unwilling to treat their supposed “act of war”, their 9/11, as a wartime emergency.

They want to deprive us of our rights at home, and then fight Russia with hearings and commissions.

They want to censor the internet and remove the President of the United States from office because of this “act of war”, and then they might sanction Russia a little bit, before holding some more hearings.

Nyet, Comrades. You can’t call for a wartime emergency at home, when you won’t vote for one abroad.

The Democrats don’t know anything about Russia and don’t care. They couldn’t find Moscow on a map if they were offered their weight in rubles. They claim Russia attacked America, but their only response is to hold more hearings to investigate Trump. They want to fight Russia until the last Trump associate.

A Russia war vote would force them to put or shut up.

And then every time they tried claiming that Trump’s victory was a Russian act of war, they would have to explain why they had the opportunity to vote on a war declaration, but ran from it like rabbits.

The only way to make the Russiagate conspiracy theory go away is to completely destroy the credibility of the liars, hacks and frauds who have been using it as a pretext to attack the legitimacy of a free election, to remove a sitting president, and to undermine the First Amendment. No more cartoons of Trump in a Russian fur hat, no more Neo-McCarthyist efforts to connect every Republican organization from the RNC to the NRA to Russia, no more reports, investigations, hearings and witch hunts.

Either declare war on Russia or shut up.

Reprinted with author’s permission from Sultan Knish Blog

Lovers of Israel Find New Use for Rocket Alert App; Call to Prayer

Mon, 05/06/2019 - 09:34

Israeli cell phones have been buzzing almost constantly for the last few days, with special apps warning of incoming rocket attacks from Gaza. But foreigners who love Israel have repurposed the app, using it as a call to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.

Pastor Viktor Styrsky has been a pastor, music director, and pro-Israel activist in Northern California for more than thirty years and is Christians United for Israel’s (CUFI) Eastern Regional Coordinator. Despite being on the other side of the world, Pastor Styrsky had total empathy for the Israelis living near Gaza.

(Screenshot from Styrsky’s Whatsapp)


Rebecca Einstein Schorr wrote about her experiences in America with the app on her blog Kveller.

Now, I know that having my phone bleep isn’t the same when my life does not depend on my ability to locate and get to a miklat (shelter) with my kids within seconds. Or, if we were at home, get to our mamad (protected room). Hearing the sound doesn’t strike fear in our hearts or give us nightmares,” Schorr wrote. “But what it has done is given us a reality check. It has given my children a sense of how disrupted daily life has been in Israel lately and, for those in the south, for the past 12 years.”

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Lisa and Wayne Craig in Texas made the distinctly patriotic gesture of installing the Red Alert app on the Fourth of July in 2014 when Wayne was working at the Intel plant in Kiryat Gat and the Gaza War broke out. The app was literally a lifesaver as it warned them of hundreds of rockets raining down on Israel. They still have the app installed though for more sympathetic reasons.

“We cringe with anxiety to hear the siren alarm go off endlessly at times,” Lisa told Breaking Israel News. “Last night we put our phones on vibrate, but not to totally silence what was going on. It is hard to listen from afar and feel our hands are tied. We want to give Israel safety but we are feeling bewildered at the same time. Our reading Tehillim (Psalms) will continue as well as our prayers.”

Despite their experiences living under the threat of rockets, the Craigs plan on returning for a visit next month. Rockets or not.

Pastor Trey Graham of First Melissa in Texas has been to Israel many times but he keeps the alerts activated even when back home in Texas.

“I have the Red Alert app on my phone and watch the alerts as they come in,” Passtor Graham told Breaking Israel News. “They often wake me up in the middle of the night.”

The pastor sees the alerts as an opportunity for prayer.

“I pray for the protection of the innocent victims in their homes,” Pastor Graham said. “I pray for the IDF soldiers who will be fighting. I pray for the evil terrorists to be defeated. I pray for Israel’s leaders to make bold and wise decisions. I send messages of encouragement to friends who live in these areas under attack. I answer questions from American Christians who see news reports and want to learn more details.”

Rabbi Tuly Weisz of Israel365 heard the red alert sirens go off in his town of Bet Shemesh for the first time on Saturday. He is grateful for the prayers flowing in to Israel from around the world.

“It’s heartwarming to know that Christians around the world have downloaded the Red Alert app so they can feel what the Jewish people are feeling during times of crisis,” Weisz told Breaking Israel News. “We know that God feels our pain and walks with us in crisis. Psalm 91:15 tells us so, “I will be with him in distress.” Once again, our Christian friends are reminding us we are not alone and they are following Hashem’s word by also being with us in our distress. I encourage all Christians who care for Israel to download the Red Alert app so they turn their smartphones into prayer devices.”

Israel Population Crosses Nine Million; 45% of World Jewry In Holy Land

Mon, 05/06/2019 - 08:41

Just in time for Israeli Independence Day on Wednesday evening, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) announced on Sunday that the number of Israelis increased by 177,000 (two percent) since last year and currently stands at 9,021,000.

The report stated that 6,697,000 Israelis are Jewish (74.2 percent) and 1,890,000 are Arab (20.9%). 434,000 people are non-Arab Christians or members of other ethnic groups. Seventy-five percent of the Jews in Israel are native-born Sabras.

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That number includes 188,000 births and 47,000 deaths. 31,000 Olim (immigrants) arrived this year as part of the prophetic Ingathering of the Exiles.

The CBS estimated that the population will grow to  15.2 million people by Israel’s 100th birthday in 2048.

In 1948 there were 806,000 people in Israel and at the time and the global Jewish population was 11.5 million, meaning that six percent of the world’s Jews lived in Israel. The total number of Jews in the world is currently estimated to be 14.5 million meaning that 45 percent of world Jewry lives in Israel.

The statistical achievement has a somber side. Before six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, the population of world Jewry stood at 16.5 million, or .8 percent of the world population. Jews currently represent less than .2 percent of the world population.