A Prayer of Thanksgiving
Aliyah, Be Part of the Miracle! Isaiah 43:5-6 Dear Friends, What an amazing year! Through your giving and support you have helped several people learn Hebrew at Ulpan school, enabling them to become a part of Israel much more easily. You have helped satisfy Jewish hearts longing to dwell in their promised land, and you have helped carry their luggage home. The Church is responding to the message of aliyah, and young adults are encouraged to take up the work—all as a result of your gifts and intercession. In the fSU we continue to help several thousand people make aliyah. Your alms are...
Why Do We Emphasize Prayer So Much?
When the Lord’s disciples asked Him to teach them to pray, the first petition He mentioned was, “ Hallowed be Thy Name.” We often think of these words as not taking His Name in vain, or honoring and exalting His Name more fervently. However, there is a specific moment in history referred to in Ezekiel 36-39, especially 36:23, where the Lord speaks of aliyah as hallowing or sanctifying His holy Name (NKJV). Aliyah demonstrates to Israel and the nations that He is God. The enemy knows his time is short when the Gospel spreads to every people group (Matthew 24:13) and the fig tree* reappears and...