Purim: The Grace of God at Work

Posted On : Mar 23, 2016
By : Shirley Lawrenson

Celebrating the Deliverance of God’s People

On the eve of March 23, Jewish people around the world, especially in Israel, will celebrate the holiday of Purim. It will continue until the eve of March 24. The focus of the holiday is a celebration of the deliverance of the Jewish people from destruction in a plot by the infamous Haman.

The hero of the Purim story is a strong woman named Esther who was brought to Ahasuerus, the Persian king, to become his queen. While Esther was at the palace, Haman became angry at Esther’s Uncle, Mordecai, simply because he refused to bow down to him. Haman plotted to destroy all of the Jewish people in the land. Mordechai and Ester joined together and made a plan and took some courageous steps to save their people. Purim is celebrated every year to celebrate the heroic act of Esther who took brave steps to save her people.

Purim is a holiday for Jewish people to not dwell on what could have happened, but instead to celebrate the end result. Purim is about having fun and sharing joy with family and friends.

Purim is a costume holiday for all ages. Everyone gets dressed up and goes out into the streets to celebrate their freedom. Songs are sung with great joy and that goes along with dancing. One thing the Jewish people focus on during this holiday is to make a lot of noise and share joy.

Purim is a biblical Jewish holiday that celebrates God’s powerful hand of deliverance for the Jewish People.

During Purim the book of Esther is read. Esther is the only book of the Bible where the name of God does not appear. But God is there, and His hand is at work in providing a miraculous deliverance. Esther is a wonderful illustration of Romans 8:28- God works ALL things together for good.

Esther saved the Jewish People. Her life can teach us several important lessons. A few of the lessons we learn are, for every task ahead of us there is a time of preparation. Esther allowed herself to be prepared for the task. For every task, we need the favour of God. Esther found favour with the King and so did Mordecai. God works in His own time and season. Esther got her timing right. Don't just jump into every task, but wait for His timing. God will move in His time when we remain faithful and alert to His leading.

Purim is a time of favour, unexpected deliverance and divine intervention. It is a time of victory. God uses the book of Esther to teach us what true worship looks like. It shows that courageous steps bring victory.