Ruth, Daughter of Yahweh - Part 1

Posted On : Apr 04, 2016
By : Debra Minotti

“Your people shall be my people” - Ruth 1:16

This book has impacted my life like no other. Fourteen years ago when I was asking God for direction about staying with the ministry of Operation Exodus, (while on any Aliyah sailing from Odessa to Haifa) this book was highlighted to me – a Gentile woman who helped a Jewess make Aliyah – she brought her back to Israel. Our team had just helped hundreds off the ship onto the shores of Israel.

Ruth, which means ‘friend’, left her family and her country, and joined herself to Yahweh, the Hebrew God. I too had left family and country to join myself to the people of Israel. That was an Ah ha moment! Aren’t those moments great when the bible clearly gives direction? If you have questions, questions that when you receive an answer will be life changing and demand courage to walk it out, look and expect that God will confirm through His word.

The Book of Ruth was written, so scholars estimate, between 1735 – 1050 B.C.

It is one of the time-honored books read by the Jewish community world-wide at Shavout, the First Harvest. On the Christian calendar, it’s Pentecost.