Ruth, Daughter of Yahweh - Part 3

Posted On : Apr 20, 2016
By : Debra Minotti

Tragedy Strikes and Strikes Hard - Ruth 1:3-4

Ruth 1:3-4 tells me that a tragedy of epic portions struck Naomi’s small family. Husbands and sons died, and three women were left alone. The words are few, but they are sharp and painful, and they penetrate deep into the heart and soul of each of these women. Inevitably, questions must have come to Naomi’s mind. “Why, God? Have I disobeyed you to such a degree that this is my punishment?” We all have had deep losses, and at these times many of us also question God; I have. Often there is silence from Heaven, or that is the way it seems. I, too, have wondered at the depth of senseless loss and tragedy the Jewish people have experienced: the running from nation to nation, the crusades in which thousands were tortured and killed, the pogroms, waves of anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, and now a deep hatred for Israel and a movement within the Church that abandons Israel again. When I was in Ukraine, speaking to the Jewish people about making Aliyah and how their God is calling them to live in the Promised Land of Israel, some of them would ask me why their people have suffered so much persecution and death over thousands of years. Tears would come to our eyes, but we rejoiced because of a promise God made and fulfilled: Israel is once again a nation.

God has made promises to you. Seek them out, and seek Him out. Hold onto God and his promises; I am. I encourage you to ask God the hard questions. Write them down on a piece of paper and ponder them, then look into the Scriptures and expect Him to give you comfort and assurance. Hold his promises in your heart. He who has called you is faithful and true.