What is making Aliyah?

Posted On : Oct 10, 2017

"...and they shall bring your sons in their bosom, and your daughters shall be carried on their shoulders." Isaiah 49:22b
Aliyah in Hebrew means “ascent” or “the act of going up” that is, towards Jerusalem. The immigration of Jews from all nations to the “Land of Israel” (Eretz Israel in Hebrew). Recently we witnessed the Lord go before us here in the USA. We saw first-hand the Lord taking care of His sons and daughters as they took their steps towards Eretz Israel. We witnessed the heart of our Lord in action. He demonstrated His love for each one of His children as His plans and promises were fulfilled through us assisting a family of 10 to the airport with their 34 large pieces of luggage. 
During our introduction, the children were quiet and shy. They just stared at us with their big beautiful eyes! As we reached out to them step by step with love, comfort, and encouragement they started to relax. We arrived at the airport and assisted them all the way to the departure gates, and the kids repeatedly asked, “Are you coming with us”? By that time they were calm and now openly sharing with us, as trust was built between our Operation Exodus USA team and this precious family.
The steps towards the gates were filled with joy and peace; each step, one-step closer to their ancestral homeland! Our Operation Exodus USA team was deeply touched to be a part of this exciting day. So if someone asks you, “what is making Aliyah all about?” Please share this special story with them. This story is what making Aliyah is to God and blessing this family is what love in action is to us.
Shirley Lawrenson
NYC Hub Director
Operation Exodus USA