Holocaust Memorial Day - We Remember

Posted On : Apr 30, 2019
By : OEUSAEditor
Holocaust Remembrance Day, May 1st, 2019, is a solemn day that will commemorate the death of millions of Jewish, men, women and children who were slaughtered by the Nazis during WW ll. 
History demands that we never forget those who perished, and the deception the perpetrators of the Holocaust were able to cast, enabling them to carry out mass extermination. 
It is also a day when survivors are to be honored, remembered and loved.  For Passover, in Brooklyn, Operation Exodus USA had the privilege of bringing God’s love with special gifts to a group of Holocaust survivors.  We invite you to see and read about our visits that brought comfort and touched deeply all of our hearts. “Comfort, Comfort my people.” Isaiah 40:1
Together, with your support, we will continue to stand with our Jewish friends, and help them return to Israel. 
Debra Minotti
President, Operation Exodus USA

Pesach Mitzvah Project: Stories of Strength, Courage and the Will to Go On

Posted On : Apr 30, 2019
By : OEUSAEditor
Comfort, comfort my People.  Speak tenderly to Jerusalem.   Isaiah 40:1
During Passover in Brooklyn, New York, we had the privilege to enter the homes of many dear Jewish friends—all Holocaust survivors.  We presented each of them a beautiful Pesach Mitzvah basket.  The warm and gracious welcome in their homes, and the embrace of their love, were very humbling experiences for each of us. 
What an honor it was to hear their stories of courage, strength and dignity.  We came to recognize them not as victims but as heroes—special people who survived horrific experiences, picked themselves up, started over and created new lives from the ashes of the Holocaust. 
Our bringing love and comfort to these dear friends gives them courage and a sense of purpose. Many have never had the opportunity to share their amazing testimonies.  They were all thankful that we remembered them, and some shared that for thirty years they have never experienced such kindness.  Others asked, “How is it that I made the list to receive such kindness?” 
The feelings of humility during these visits were overwhelming, especially during a visit with one of the couples.  Lilian started to share her story, her husband, Semin, tried to signal her not to continue.  As she spoke, he looked away and started humming, as if to block out her words.  But then he relaxed, glanced over to us, and saw how much attention and care we were giving his wife.  He found comfort in that, and started sharing his own story with us.  This was such a revelation of Scripture: “ ‘Comfort, comfort my people,’ says your God.”  Isaiah 40:1 NLT
As we listened,  many of them took our hands and gave them a loving squeeze, followed up with a kiss on the cheek, repeating over and over, ”Thank you for not forgetting.”  It was as if many of them had been waiting for us to visit them…to listen, to care, and to love and give comfort.  Many have been on a long, and at times very challenging, journey.  Their clocks reminded us that time is running out for them. Many were 96, 97, and 98 years of age.  Each has found the courage and strength to move on; they live rich lives, filled with children, grandchildren and friends. 

John and Holocaust survivor

Listening to their unspeakable stories revealed that we need to look at life and people differently, knowing we can endure more than we think we can.  Testimonies like these will never lose their strength to portray rich stories of courage that still need to be “heard” today.  We walked away with rich life lessons about how to survive, live and move forward, surrounded by shalom (peace in English) and thankfulness
We extend a special THANK YOU to all our friends and partners.  Your continued support in prayer and giving make it possible for this work to continue.  It is a special privilege and honor for us to be the hands and feet of our LORD, bringing His love, comfort, kindness and blessings to this very special group of Jewish friends. 
OEUSA Team and Holocaust Survivors
John Prosser
Board Director, Operation Exodus USA
Shirley Lawrenson
NYC Aliyah Coordinator
Adrianne Prosser
East Coast Director