Chris Mitchell"Years ago, as the Israeli ship Jasmine plowed through the Black Sea, I had the privilege to witness firsthand the modern-day miracle of Aliyah. During our voyage, nearly sixty Russian Jews made the trip from their former homeland to their new home, the land of Israel. Ebenezer (Operation Exodus) sponsored that sailing. The work they did then and the work Operation Exodus does now in the USA is founded on the words of Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Jeremiah. They said that one day God Himself will bring His people back from the four corners of the earth. Those Hebrew prophets also said Gentiles would be a part of this great end-time work. I believe Operation Exodus USA is a modern-day fulfillment of this ancient promise. I salute their work fulfilling Biblical prophecy in our time. What we see today is a modern-day exodus that’s both a miracle and a message to the world that God is faithful to His Word and He will gather His people to His land. Operation Exodus is right in the midst of this miracle.”" 

Chris Mitchell, CBN Middle East Bureau Chief