Days of Preparation are ending

Jan, 15 2015

Shalom dear friends,

Watching the tragedies in France last week brought us to a place of deep travail. What a wakeup call this is for all the Jewish people who live outside of Israel, as well as for those of us who proclaim, pray, assist and encourage aliyah. In the article linked below you will read about Yoav Hattab, one of the terrorist victims in Paris, who longed to make aliyah. In honor of this young man and in obedience to God, let’s stand and boldly proclaim God’s truth. Share the need for prayer and finances. Share the hope that aliyah brings to the world. Do this any way you can and anywhere you can. Brothers and sisters, our days of preparation are coming  to an end. Together, in 2014, we assisted 400 people with their immigration to Israel. But in 2015 we must take this message to the streets; we will be in New York City several times in preparation for opening an office, and we already have many requests from Jewish families for assistance this year. You can see the need is great, but we serve a great God; let’s join together and fulfill all He has called us to do.

Thank you for all your hard work and support. May the Lord be with His people and Israel.

Debra Minotti | Operation Exodus USA

Paris Attack Victim was Son of Tunisian Chief Rabbi- Arutz Sheva