She Saw Me in a Dream!

Mar, 19 2014
Our volunteer and a Ukrainian family

'If this is what you really want me to be doing with my life, Father, please confirm it in a very clear way on this trip,’ I prayed. Was I really supposed to be in Kiev, Ukraine, finding Jewish families to tell them of God’s will for them to return to Israel? 

Christians are supposed to do that, but was I specifically called to this kind of work? There are plenty of other things I could do to serve the Father. I wanted to be sure this was His calling so I prayed that simple prayer on the first day of the Engage Ukraine 2013 trip. 

Two days later He answered that prayer in a way I couldn’t have expected. As we shared in the home of one of the Jewish families, the grandmother interrupted our translator and said, ‘I feel like I know Melissa. I know I have seen her before! Yes, I have seen her face in a dream!’ I was astounded! God had gone ahead of me to this woman’s dreams and brought me from the other half of the world straight to her home! 

As I unfolded God’s heart and plan for this woman and her people, large tears began rolling down her face. She was deeply moved and I could see she was receiving the Father’s heart for her life and His plan to take her to the Promised Land! God knew exactly what this woman needed for her heart to be open to receive His plan for her — and exactly what I needed as well! We never remain untouched when we touch aliyah!

By Melissa McCray

Engage Ukraine