U.S.A. Engage- Journey of a Lifetime

U.S.A. Engage- Journey of a Lifetime
by: Kelsey 
engage:Israel 2012 participant & Operation Exodus USA staff

“Engage Israel 2012 was a journey of a lifetime. Worshiping with people from over 20 different nations under one roof in English, Hebrew, Arabic and Spanish was a time I will never forget. Our amazing tour guide started us off by saying these words: “Shalom and welcome home!”  He was right—home is the perfect word to describe the feeling of being in Israel.

The Yad Vashem Holocaust History Museum absolutely changed my life. I think it’s probably the closest experience you can get to the Holocaust. Although it was so heart-wrenching, as we exited and overlooked a gorgeous valley of Jerusalem, we witnessed that even Hitler and his evil regime could not stop the Jews from existing and being God’s chosen people.

We visited the city of Sderot, which was for me the most eye-opening part of the trip. We sat in a room where, if an alarm went off, we had roughly 15 seconds to run for our lives.  It was so surreal. My heart absolutely broke for the citizens of this area. One promise I made to God and to the land of Israel while being there is that I would not stay silent about the sites I saw.  I’ll forever stand by my Israeli brothers and sisters and speak truth about their past, present and future.

I would recommend any young adult or young couple go on an Engage tour. If God opens the door, run through it. Your worship life will be amped, your understanding of the Word will become crystal-clear, and your heart towards the Jewish people will break. I encourage my generation to step up and to start recognizing the times we are living in. It’s our turn to stand for Israel and the Jewish people—for such a time as this.”