Who are these who fly like a cloud, like doves to their shelters?

Jul, 22 2014
Elie and Family

Isaiah 60:8 (HCSB)

Yesterday, Monday, July 21, hundreds of Jewish American immigrants left for Israel (made aliyah) to start their new life in the Promised Land! Yesterday, was this year’s first full, chartered flight to depart from North America.

Operation Exodus USA, with your support in prayer and giving, was privileged to assist 50 of these new immigrants—7 families, 1 couple and 5 singles. Among these 50 was the 1000th immigrant (or olim) assisted from the USA! Stay tuned to our website and Facebook to learn more soon. Here are testimonies of just a few from yesterday’s flight:

Elie and family:

“We always wanted to live in the Holy Land and raise our children there; we felt a strong desire to reconnect to our roots. We are struggling here in America and feel there is nothing holding us here, so we decided that it's time to make the move.”

William and his wife:

“We believe it is our destiny to return to Israel and to be an asset to the society. It is imperative that we help build the economy, and we believe that it is the fulfillment of prophecy to go back to the land of Israel. We believe that the Temple must be rebuilt and the ushering in of the Messiah.”




"What I'm trying to say is that to me this land isn't just some country out of the norm; it's a home for all Jews—a place that will always accept us even if the whole world turns their back on us. We'll have this one place, a safe-haven I guess you could call it.”




Would you like to sponsor an immigrant or family that needs a little extra help?  Would you pray for those who arrived yesterday?  You can do so by clicking on the donate button at the top of the page or by calling us at 716-681-6300.  For those of you who have already supported and prayed for these dear ones, we humbly thank you.  May the God of Israel be glorified in His people.

Kind regards,

Kathy Ardino
Aliyah Director