Your Opinion Matters

Jan, 16 2014
Thank you for participating in our survey

In November 2013 we used a ten-question, anonymous survey to obtain feedback on what Operation Exodus USA is doing well and what we can improve.  Here is some of what we learned from the responses:

  • Most respondents have heard about Operation Exodus USA through a friend or relative. We thank those who share with friends and family about what we do; without you in our corner, we could not succeed in helping the Jewish people return home to Israel.

  • Most respondents prefer to be contacted by email on a monthly basis.  So we will begin to be more consistent with contacting people in this way.  We will also continue with our quarterly bulletins.  To update your preferences on what information you would like to receive from us, please call our office at 716.681.6300 or visit our website at .  Please select “News” from the navigation menu and then choose “SUBSCRIBE” to update your options.

  • Most participants are over the age of 50. This shows us the dedication of those who have supported us for many years, and it highlights the need for us to reach out more intentionally to younger generations.

    Top 50 words survey respondents used to describe out ministry

  • We asked the participants what three words they would use to describe Operation Exodus USA. The graphic to the right shows the 50 words most mentioned. The larger the word, the more times it was mentioned.

We thank those who participated in the survey and took the time to share their opinions; we are using your feedback to help improve Operation Exodus USA.  May the Lord bless you and keep you.