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Assisting Jews Making Aliyah
Ebenezer Emergency Fund International (EEFI) has a call and a mandate from God for a specific purpose: to assist and encourage Jewish people to make aliyah (immigrate to Israel) from all the nations and to proclaim God’s purposes for their return. By God’s grace, EEFI has effectively carried out that call for twenty-five years, helping more than 155,000 people, primarily in the former Soviet Union (fSU). Operation Exodus USA has contributed significantly to assist people who have made aliyah from around the globe. Over the past few years, we have begun to assist more and more Jewish people...
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They Want To Go More Than Ever
Today, as we watch the news from Israel, we may be deeply troubled about what is happening. No one knows what these recent events will lead to. Yet, in the epicenter is a Sovereign God who is bringing His people home! Yesterday our staff spoke with a young man who is being assisted to Israel by Operation Exodus USA. He said, “I am more anxious than ever to get there.” As of now, all who have been planning to make aliyah are moving ahead with their plans. This week we have received multiple requests for assistance. These brave and committed ones are being drawn to Israel. Each person returning...
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From Hope to Home
Each year, during the passover meal, Jewish people say to each other, “Next year in Jerusalem.” This speaks of their hope to return home to the land of Israel. It is a journey from hope to home, from dreaming of the promised Land to the reality of living in Israel. As we begin to implement our 3-year plan toassist greater numbers of immigrants, we believe 2014 will be another record-breaking year. We have set a goal to help 600 people in their journey home to Israel from the United States. There is a renewed sense of urgency among our staff and volunteers to be ready to help each immigrant...
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