Our Purpose, Vision, & Values

Our Purpose

Operation Exodus USA assists Jewish people with immigrating to Israel and encourages Christians to help make this possible.

Our Vision

We believe God is drawing the Jewish people back to the land of Israel in fulfillment of Biblical prophecy (Isaiah 43:5-6) and that the Gentiles are called to assist in their return (Isaiah 49:22.) Our vision is to assist Jewish people throughout the USA with an emphasis on the greater NY area and the Great Lakes.

Our Values

Godly Character

We will fulfill this mandate while demonstrating Godly character or what the New Testament calls “the fruit of the Spirit”. (Galatians 5:22-23)


We will work in partnership with the Jewish community and the church.


We will honor and treat with dignity those we assist and those we work alongside.

Courageous Service

We will assist and serve with courage, remaining steadfast to our purpose regardless of circumstantial pressures.