Frequently when we share the mission of Operation Exodus USA with the Jewish community, we hear comments such as, “I can’t believe that a Christian organization wants to help us or I thought you hated Jews for killing Christ.” Regretfully the church in history has not always honored its Jewish roots and the Jewish community.

We are living in critical prophetic times, and you can be an instrument for the restoration of Israel and alter the perception of our Jewish friends towards Christians. Walls come tumbling down when Jews witness our love for Israel and the people of Israel. God’s love and forgiveness begin to flow freely between Jews and Gentiles (a person of a non-Jewish nation or non-Jewish religion).

Join this miracle ministry of helping with Aliyah (Jewish immigration) and the reconciliation between Jews and Gentiles. To everyone who reads this message and gives as the Lord directs, you will enable us to meet every Jewish need to make Aliyah. We do not want to turn away any Aliyah applicant needing a grant gift to return home.

Give cheerfully! Today is the day! Be a repairer of the breach! 


Debra Minotti

Operation Exodus USA

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