Testimonials/ Endorsements

Gordon Robertson Endorsement

Dick Leggatt"The Christian Broadcasting Network is honored to endorse Operation Exodus and their important work in helping Jewish people throughout the world return to Israel. We deeply appreciate Operation Exodus and their unwavering love, compassion, and support in making Aliyah possible for so many. We share your commitment to the Jewish people and your love for Israel.

Chris Mitchell Endorsement

Chris Mitchell"Years ago, as the Israeli ship Jasmine plowed through the Black Sea, I had the privilege to witness firsthand the modern-day miracle of Aliyah. During our voyage, nearly sixty Russian Jews made the trip from their former homeland to their new home, the land of Israel. Ebenezer (Operation Exodus) sponsored that sailing.

Dick Leggatt

Dick Leggatt"It is our privilege and honor to be involved with the amazing work of Operation Exodus, which began with steps of faith and obedience taken so many years ago by Gustav Scheller and his wife, Elsa.

Pastor David Swaggerty Endorsement

Pastor David SwaggertyAs a pastor for over 30 years, I have always had a love for the Jewish people and the land of Israel and encouraged my congregation to pray for them and the peace of Jerusalem.  I didn't know how to express that love in a tangible way until being introduced to Operation Exodus USA about 2 years ago.  Since then our entire congregation has embraced the vision of being part of the prophetic ingat

Liran Avisar Endorsement

Liran Avisar"... On behalf of the Aliyah Department of the Jewish Agency for Israel, I want to thank you for your help in encouraging Aliyah from North America.  Your contributions have assisted us in critical projects, in particular the production of Aliyah fairs, which attracted thousands of prospective immigrants interested in moving to Israel.

Barry Spielman Endorsement

Barry Spielman"... As I ponder the challenging times ahead, given the growing threat from our enemies in the Middle East, I take great comfort in knowing that Operation Exodus USA is a friend of Israel, but more importantly, that it shares our goal and commitment to bring any Jew, from anywhere in the world, back to their ancient homeland, Israel.

ECFA.org Endorsement

Ebenezer Emergency Fund USA Accredited by National Financial Accountability Organization


“I just want to say thank you so so so much!  You guys have really helped me not just with getting to Israel, but starting my life and with this opportunity I only plan to help people become better at being better as a person. You guys have truly helped me out. I don't think I would ever forget you guys. Thank you so so sooo much!”



“We must be on the same wavelength! Right after I wrote that email to you I decided to go check the mailbox and sure enough it was there. I can't thank you enough.

Anonymous Family

“I wanted to let you know that we are making aliyah Monday.  We are so excited to be going home.  Thank G-d everything worked out with the money part. :)  I just wanted to let you know that I will never forget about your kindness and you touched my heart!  I really think what your organization does is amazing!” (This comes from a family who contacted us and was honest enough to share that they did not need our financial assistance.)

Anonymous Family