Operation Exodus USA is a Christian Ministry that helps Jewish people go home (making Aliyah) to Israel.

Celebrating Yom Ha’Aliyah in Israel

by Chanale Chanale: “This week’s Torah reading is Parshat Lech Lecha, the portion of the Bible that tells the story of Abraham’s journey from the land of his father from the land of Canaan out into the unknown, in direct adherence to G-d’s instruction. He leaves behind the land of his birthplace, and home of his father, to travel to the Land of Israel, where G-d promises him descendants that will be as many as the stars and sand. As a Jew, Abraham’s courage lives on in my DNA and with this courage, I too, packed up my life and left behind all I’ve ever known to relocate to Israel, a tiny country in the Middle East surrounded by its sworn enemies. As a Jew, I believe that this land was promised to me and my children and so long as we live righteously and walk in the ways of G-d, we too will flourish and succeed in this special country surrounded by G-d’s Love and protection. Today, as we enter our third year in the Holy Land, and celebrate Yom Ha’Aliyah with the hundreds of other families that migrate to Israel each year from all 4 corners of the earth, I am thankful for the opportunity to experience our culture, heritage, and traditions in a country where all citizens are treated equally and have unlimited opportunities to grow in all material and spiritual matters. I am still an American patriot and will always appreciate visiting the States and enjoying all it has to offer but I am also an Israeli citizen and therefore proud to hold two passports to two Countries that put G-d first and respect the word of the Bible. May we all have the freedom to live safely in our homes and worship G-d in a meaningful way and like Abraham, receive G-d’s generous blessings.” Here is a song Chanale wrote and performed: “We are the Jews”
by Chanale

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