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What We Do

“They were pleased to do it, and indeed they owe it to them. For if the Gentiles have shared in the Jews’ spiritual blessings, they owe it to the Jews to share with them their material blessings.”

Romans 15:27(NIV)

What We Do

We provide financial and spiritual support for Jewish people making Aliyah

Assist Jewish people from the USA

We are a Christian Ministry helping Jewish people go home to Israel. We assisted our first immigrant from the USA in 2006. The work has expanded quickly, and we’ve been able to assist hundreds of thousands of Jewish immigrants from our nation. We developed a comprehensive plan to support the rapidly growing number of requests of those needing Aliyah assistance. Christians helping Jewish people go home to Israel is prophetic (Romans 15:27).


Help new immigrants settle in Israel

Staff in the Jerusalem office continue to reach out to the Olim (new Jewish immigrants) who are in need. They are there to bring hope to those who find themselves in difficult situations. They give support, encouragement and advice to those needing information about the next step in completing their absorption process in Israel. 

Assist Jewish people from other nations

We partner with Ebenezer Operation Exodus International to raise funds and prayer support to help Jewish people in other nations. We have assisted many immigrants from the former Soviet Union through prayer and financial support.

Provide humanitarian aid

Through our partnership with Ebenezer Operation Exodus International, we provide humanitarian aid to Holocaust survivors and many others in need in the former Soviet Union (fSU).

For many in the Former Soviet Union, life is a battle for survival without even the basic needs. The cost of medicines and the most necessary of foods amidst the worsening economic situation causes particular hardships.

Teach Christians about God’s purpose for the Jewish people

We teach in churches and conferences about God’s ongoing purpose for the Jewish people and how we, as Christians, can be involved through prayer, giving and serving.

What we do – We pray

It is exciting to pray for the continuing return of the Jewish people back to Israel in fulfillment of the prophetic Word of God.  The Bible clearly teaches that God is the initiator of this exodus and it is our joy to partner with Him in prayer.

We engage the next generation

Our next generation team partners with Ebenezer Operation Exodus International through prayer and participation in their action-packed trips—called “Engage”—to Israel and the Ukraine for young adults (ages 18-35). 

Get Involved

Change The Face of History


Join our intercessory team by signing up online, or call our office and let us know your desire to be a part of this effort.


Please consider contributing financially to the developing of this important work via a one-time or monthly recurring donation.


You are the hand’s and feet of Jesus! Find out how you can get involved in God’s plan for His Children today!

Operation Exodus USA National Financial Accountability Organization

Operation Exodus USA is a registered 501(c)3) non-profit organization, has full accreditation with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA)….

…For more information about ECFA, including information about accreditation and a listing of ECFA-accredited members, visit or call 1-800-323-9473.

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