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Just an Observation – Pastor Bill Clark

My first trip to Israel was in many ways a blur. I saw so much and God was showing me so much, it took weeks
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Impressions From the Land – Pastor Bill Clark

I’m back in the Land again, and it feels like home to me. There are few places or things on this earth like Israel! The
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Greetings From Israel- Pastor Bill Clark

Greetings from Israel! I simply don’t have the words to describe to you how wonderful it is to be back in the Land. My journey
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Touched by Israel

This past February I had the opportunity to join a tour to Israel.  To be perfectly honest, I must confess that I was not overly
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Debra Minotti on CBN

Watch  OEUSA President Debra Minotti on CBN ‘Operation Exodus USA’ – Helping US Jews Return to Israel Earlier this year, immigrants from North America landed
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Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian While writing this article, I am watching the devastation and loss of life in the Bahamas from Dorian, a historic category 5 hurricane. 
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holocaust remembrance

Holocaust Memorial Day – We Remember

Separated they live in Bookmarks right at the coast of the famous Semantics, large language ocean Separated they live in Bookmarks right Separated they live
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Israel Education Tour

Tour the Holy Land during the Days of Awe for a once-in-a-lifetime educational experience! God is unfolding His plans and purposes for Israel and you.
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jewish thanks christians

Jewish Community Thanks Christians

“We welcome you to watch this inspiring video featuring various Jewish people who have returned to their ancestral homeland of Israel. In this short, yet
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With G-d’s Help

How does one (let alone six) move from Brooklyn to Florida to Israel?  Working with Chanale has been a worldwind of an experience!  She is
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Home for Hanukkah

In 167 BCE, the temple in Jerusalem had been desecrated by Hellenistic leaders.  They had not only desecrated the temple, but the Greek culture had
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We Mourn the Brutal Attack in Pittsburgh

It’s a sad and heart-wrenching time for our Jewish friends and for the world.  A horrific, anti-Semitic, and evil attack was perpetrated upon a peaceful
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More Than Chicken Wings

This is what the Sovereign LORD says: “See, I will beckon to the nations, I will lift up my banner to the peoples; they will
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Return and Repair

Frequently when we share the mission of Operation Exodus USA with the Jewish community, we hear comments such as, “I can’t believe that a Christian
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Declaration of Ebenezer Emergency Fund International

Declaration of Ebenezer Operation Exodus regarding the adoption of the draft resolution “Jerusalem” by the UN General Assembly on November 30, 2017.‘For Zion’s sake I
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The Diary of Anne Frank

On February 9th, 2018, members of the OEUSA staff and volunteers went on a theatrical Journey through Holocaust history. “The Diary of Anne Frank” premiered at the
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