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“God’s Purposes in Aliyah”

Ezekiel 36 – The Honoring of God’s Name

As prophetic people, we must make ourselves available to yield to the Holy Spirit and become instruments in the Hand of God to assist Jewish people everywhere to perform Aliyah, so they can encounter a dimension of God’s supernatural power in a manner they’ve never experienced before! Are you listening? 

Now it’s time for you to do your part. 

Moreover I will appoint a place for My people Israel, and will plant them, that they may dwell in a place of their own and move no more; nor shall the sons of wickedness oppress them anymore, as previously.
2 Samuel 7:10 NKJV
But I will gather the remnant of My flock out of all countries where I have driven them, and bring them back to their folds; and they shall be fruitful and increase.
Jeremiah 23:3
God's Purposes For Aliyah