I’m back in the Land again, and it feels like home to me. There are few places or things on this earth like Israel! The moment your feet touch the ground…it touches you back, God Himself touches you.

Out of all the places I’ve visited in Israel, none have impacted me like Caesarea. I’m amazed by the confrontational vision Peter received while on the roof top at Simon the Tanner’s house and his response…after a struggle of course. Then, in obedience to God, Peter walked the 30 miles from Joppa to Caesarea with the three men sent by Cornelius, the Roman Centurion. Peter was being set up and every Gentile who knows Messiah as Savior and Lord should be jumping for joy right about now!

It was at Caesarea that the gospel was first preached to an all Gentile audience and God moved as only He can. You know the story, the Bible says, “while Peter was still speaking the Holy Spirit fell on all who heard the word.” The believers from among the circumcised who were there with Peter were amazed!

That’s what I am when I think about this great salvation that we have…amazed! I’m amazed that God would draw to Himself a Roman Centurion Soldier and prepare the heart of Peter (a Jew), to go and share the gospel message with him and his household. If all of that were not enough, God moved in an unmistakable and undeniable way! Yes, this great salvation is for us all!

Truth is, as much as it was for you and I…”IT IS for His NAME’S SAKE.”

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