Impact on Aliyah and the Church

Impact on Aliyah and the Church

Dear Friends and Partners,
In the midst of anarchy, Aliyah continues to grow and take root in the hearts of Jewish people throughout the Diaspora. Jews living in the U.S.A. are being shaken to their core, and many are making their voices heard. Just a couple of days ago—in a video posted on Arutz Sheva (Israeli news media network)—Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein, founder of Ateres Naava Seminary in Brooklyn, New York, made a personal appeal for American Jews to make Aliyah. The following are highlights of the video:
— “All of us, we all need to get out of here, it’s not for us anymore everybody.
It’s just not for us. We don’t belong here.…Hashem (G-d) took away a lot of the money that was keeping us here, the education that was keeping us here.…Hashem, help us. I should have the koach (strength) to lead you… It’s written in all the sefarim (holy books), what’s gonna happen. Whoever’s stuck in galus (exile) when Mashiach (the messiah) comes, some of us are not even going to make it to Eretz Yisrael, and it’s the best place for Jews.”

Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein calls on US Jews to make Aliyah

 “It’s not for us anymore everybody. It’s just not for us. We don’t belong here.”


I urge you to listen to Rabbi’s Zecharia’s video. Clearly, He sees the handwriting on the wall and understands time is running out for Jews living in America. He is asking Hashem to help his people decide to make Aliyah now! Thank God for our privilege to join Rabbi Zecharia in his prayer. Scripture seems to describe this moment in time: For the bed is too short to stretch oneself on, and the covering too narrow to wrap oneself in. Isaiah 28:20 GW
This crisis brings a tremendous opportunity for the Church to raise its voice in support of Israel and Jews living all around us. We have a responsibility to stand with them, encourage, pray and bless them through their Aliyah. We are the voice of the Church, and we cannot stand by in silence. 
 I would like to share an extremely timely and relevant word/teaching written by Merrill Bolender, titled SHAKING OF ALL THINGS. This teaching (see link below) helps us identify with God’s purposes and better equips us to pray according to His perfect will.
Merrill and his wife Donna are valiant servants of God, deeply respected and loved by all at OEUSA. For decades, their faithful commitment in prayer and support for this holy work has never wavered. They serve OEUSA as area representatives in the Great Lakes region. Merrill’s book, WHEN THE CROSS BECAME A SWORD: The Origin and Consequences of Replacement Theology, is now printed in sixteen languages and available on six continents.

To obtain Merrill’s book, please call our National Office.  You will learn shocking information regarding the tragic role Christians played in the persecution of Jews for centuries. This is a valuable tool to share with family and friends so they recognize the many forms of anti-Semitism.
God is in our midst, and He is greater than the pandemic and the anarchy we are facing. We are the salt of the earth and a light to the nations! We walk in victory by the power and authority we have in Christ Jesus. 
Thank you, friends and partners, for your support in prayer and giving of your finances. We trust the LORD to touch your hearts to give abundantly, above and beyond the need at hand. 
John Prosser

2004-2020 – Merrill and Donna served with Ebenezer Operation Exodus, living six months in Odessa, Ukraine, a port on the Black Sea. They sailed on 6 cruises from the Port in Odessa with Olim making Aliyah to Haifa, Israel.  They presently serve as Indiana Reps speaking in churches and groups, raising up intercessory prayer groups and participating in OE USA intercessory prayer by phone and Zoom.

Currently, Merrill and Donna reside in a retirement community in Indianapolis, Indiana. They are servants of the Lord.  They come from ordinary backgrounds with an undeniable calling on their lives.

SHAKing of All Things COver
God’s shaking is including “Every Facet of Society” World-Wide
  • Social world – distancing – quarantine)
  • Business world: Economy, stock market,
  • Educational world
  • Sports world
  • Entertainment world
  • International and cruise ship travel
  • Medical world overwhelmed
  • Religious world
  • Church world
Things God Wants To Accomplish During This Shaking…

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