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Aliyah Story

“Yoni came to be with me in Chicago in 2012 and shortly after we were married. We talked a lot about wanting to be in Israel. I, a New Yorker, had studied at Haifa University when I was an undergraduate and directed a show there. I’d always imagined I’d return to live, but never thought it would be so many years later. Every year we have vowed to make the return and every year we have had some excuse or other to postpone. Now, finally, after 5 years of marriage, we have been blessed with the real love of our lives–our son, Shya. He has made the decision easy and clear. There is no more time to waste if he’s to grow up alongside his cousins, immersed in the culture we love, in the land we adore.

We need to take him home!! So, we’re on our way…”

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