our olim Sarah - Made Aliyah - returned to Israel


Sarah, one of our Olim, shares her story that led up to her making Aliyah.

“Ever since I can remember it has been my dream to live in the Holy Land. I come from a Zionist family with parents and grandparents who fostered love of Israel. I made my first trip when I was in high school and from that moment, when I prayed at the Western Wall, I knew that someday I would return to live…..We want to be together in a place where we can live with other Jews, send our children to religious school, and worship in the land that God gave to our people. While it is a scary thing to pick up and move from the only home we’ve ever known, we believe strongly that we belong in our real Home, the Land of Israel.

We pray that the Almighty will bless us with success in this journey.”

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